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No description

Amy Swanson

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Thursday

January 15, 2015
Martin Luther King Jr.
Step 2
Quote Analysis-do now
"Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems."
-Gever Tulley

Fragments are
incomplete phrases
punctuated as
complete sentences.
Today, let's complete exercises 1-15. For each item, determine if it is a complete sentence or not. If you identify it as a fragment, add information to make it a complete sentence.

To determine if something is a complete sentence, run the following three tests:

1. Does it have a subject?
2. Does it have a verb?
3. Does it express a complete thought?
Please read your own independent reading book silently for the next 15 minutes.
Independent Reading
A note on independent reading books...
WODS quiz coming up!!
Today is the time provided for you to clean out your locker if you have a TOP locker. Please keep all items you require during the school day such as binders and school supplies. Please take home or dispose of anything extraneous.
I always expect you to come to class prepared with: your binder, something to write with, and an independent reading book. I cannot guarantee the safety of anyone's belongings in this room because my room is used for health and advisory at various times during the day. I am not in the room during these times. However, if you were to label your IRB with a post it and place it in the desk, perhaps *way* towards the back of the desk, you could potentially leave it there.
Remember, you should copy the quote
completely including the author's name.
You should then construct a thoughtful,
meaningful response to the quote.
Just a reminder.. you have a QUIZ
next Thursday on the last ten WODs.

Start studying now!
Our first step in the study of MLK Jr.,
whose birthday we are celebrating on
Monday, is to read an AOW about his life.
You should approach this AOW like
any other. We will:
1. Pre-read the questions.
2. Annotate with purpose.
3. Answer the questions thoughtfully.
Next, we will watch a short video about MLK's life and impact on society. While you are watching, make notes about anything that particularly interests you or anything that is new information to you.
Step 3
Be the Change: you will write about something you would like to change in the world and how you would go about doing it.
"Harrison Bergeron" continued
Step 1: Using the peer-edit form in your packet-"Chez Response"- you should thoughtfully respond to your partner's essay. You should proceed through this slowly and meaningfully, reading one person's story at a time and moving through the steps in the peer edit.

Step 2: We will now watch the short movie of the story, 2081, and fill out a Venn diagram comparing the movie to the story.
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