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American Government

Open House

Elizabeth Ritchie

on 22 September 2011

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Transcript of American Government

American Government Course Description:
“American Government is a required semester-long course for students in their junior or senior year. The goal of the course is for students to reach an enduring understanding that The American democratic system of government requires an informed citizenry that actively engages in the political process. Toward this end students will examine the foundations of American government; the structure and principles of the Constitution; the rights and freedoms provided to citizens; the role of the citizen, interest groups, political parties, and the mass media in shaping government policy; and the development of domestic and foreign policies.”
This courses grades will be calculated according to a weighted system which includes: 15% Class work, 20% Homework, 10% Habits of Learning (more commonly referred to as participation), 20% Quizzes, and 35% Papers/Projects/Tests. Students and parent/guardians should consult the district grading scale for letter grade conversions. You can expect that I will update grades as frequently as is possible. Please be patient as I attempt to grade in a meaningful and timely manner. Personal Responsibility Answer questions posed by others insightfully and respectfully Critical Thinking HABITS OF LEARNING Looks at all sides of an issue, recognizing that there may be more than one answer Apply what they know to real life situations Participation Offer appropriate comments and listen to others Are focused and on task Encourage the participation of others in the class Work in methods and mediums that challenge them to develop in new ways Always demonstrate their very best work Take responsibility for their own education Teacher Contact:
Mrs. Elizabeth Ritchie ME.d.
Office #: C215
Office Phone #: 857-7000-1737 TEXTS FILMS Supplemental Materials
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