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Argyle diamond mining

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Argyle diamond mining

Argyle diamond mining
By Emily Beutel
About argyle diamond mining
Argyle diamond mining was started by Rio Tinto, a company who also mines coal, oar, iron and gold This mining operation started in 1972, but they only found diamonds in 1985. Since then, they have found 750 carats of diamonds. To help them find these diamonds, they have more than 700 employed people and also they are connected with the University of Sydney and the imperial collage in London.
About Argyle diamond mining 2
The Argyle diamond mine is one of the largest producers of diamonds in the world.

These are just a couple of the many of the coloured diamonds that they find.
Technology, location and how many diamonds in the world
There are lots of machines and technology to help the humans do all of the work. One of them is the ak1 pipe (an electrical pipe) which transfers the diamonds from one place to another. This mine is located in Kimberly, Western Australia. Other than Argyle, Australia holds one third or 20% of the worlds diamond population

Changes to Australia
What changes have happened because of Argyle diamond mining? Because of this mine Australia has been able to sell normal and colored diamonds to other countries and those countries would give money back to Australia and that money would impact on the quality of the houses, roads, tunnels, our transport and safety equipment in Australia, which would impact on the way we live our lives.
Why the Argyle diamond mine is so important
Diamonds are use in every day lives by everyday people. They are use in jewelery and to help people learn around the world. Australia sends diamonds to the U.S. and other countries around the world, so that they can study and learn about some of the diamonds that we find here in Australia. Western Australia's economy has sky - rocketed since the opening of the mine because of tourists wanting to see the mine and how they get the diamonds from the mine to into the shop windows.
Thank you for watching
About Argyle
Argyle as a community started off as a small housing area in the Kimberley region in 1997. Since then, it has grown significantly in population and economy. This has a lot to do with more builders getting jobs and the government en staling better water supplies and all the essential elements ( roads, tunnels, houses, shopping centers etc.) to that area. This would not have happened without the money of the sold diamonds that Rio Tinto mined at the Argyle diamond mine.
Before 2000
Why I think this event is important to Australian history
Purple-ish Pink
Blue violet
Pink Champagne
Gold/Dark Gold
I think this event is important to Australian history because, if this diamond industry had not been commenced, not as many migrants would have come to Australia to start to work in the mine, so that Australia would not have as many people to become miners, builders, plumbers etc that we have at the moment.
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