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Easy To Learn Computer Fundamentals

No description

kaylin hanna

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Easy To Learn Computer Fundamentals

Find/Insert Clipart
Step 1: In a new google docs, go to images. Press that and a blank space with icons on top will come up.

Step 2: Press "Search" in the top right corner. Search what you want and then select a photo. When you're done press select on the left and you're all set!
Easy To Learn Computer Fundamentals
Edit Images/Clipart
Now that your photo is on a google docs, you can resize, rotate, and move it.
Step 1: To resize, click your picture. Blue squares will come up. Click on any one of them and drag it in or out to make it bigger or smaller.

Step 2: To rotate, click the picture and select the raised blue dot on top. Now you can rotate it any way you desire!

Step 3: To resize, click on the picture and at the bottom it will say In Line, Wrap Text, and Break text. Pick either in line, wrap text or break text and now you will be able to move the picture all over your pages.
Typing Sentences
Step 1: Open a google document.

Step 2: Click anywhere and just start typing!
Arrange Text and Images
To center, right align, or left align, do the following:

Step 1: To center align, go to the Menu Bar. To the right there are four shapes with lines in them. From the left to right, pick the one 3rd in. Now tha you've pressed this the words you right will now start from the center.

Step 2: To right align, go the the same place you did before to center. This time yo'll want to press the one second in, to the left of center align. Now it will write fromt he right to left.

Step 3: To left align, go the the place where right and center align are. This time it will be the one furthest to the left. Now you should press it and your writing will start from the left. (Note that when you open your google docs it will automatically be on left align.

Use Basics Of a Drawing Program
How To Insert Images
Step 1: Go to Google Search and search/select an image. Than, while clicking the right and left keys on the mouse at the same time a tool bar shows up. From there select "Save Link As." Your files will come up and in the bottom right there's a SAVE. Press it.
Step 2: Go to an un-used Google Docs. Press "Insert" than click on
image. This will bring you to you files where you can select the file/
photo which you want to click on and press open on the right.

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