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on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of EN2837

EN 2837 Communicating Fashion culture
Final report --gp13 Presented by :
SIM CHI PING 51834725
SHEN HAO 50915380 OUR US Shopping Zone Address: Campus Corner Market, 211 West Boyd Street, Norman, OK 73069-4824
Size of Campus corner Size
2 floors

Merchandize categories
home decor - furniture, antiques, imports, and new trendy pieces
accessories - jewelry, handbags, shoes
restaurants and bars
demographics College students: 18-24

income: approximately from 5000 to 10000 usd per year

Mainly women for the fashion stores and men for the ou apparel stores

target customer: female ou student between the ages of 18 and 24
(WHY??) FACTs Brand name: AHEad Founded: 1989 our company operates more than 20 branches in 11 countries all over
the world including Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Singapore, London, Tokyo, etc. OUR popularity how this works in the zone? OUR store vision Details of the events and promotion 1) Opening ceremony
Opening speech by Ahead’s Chief Marketing officer
Felix wong introducing:

the Company’s history and background

The brand’s idea, products and style

Marketing objectives and target market

Promotional plan: VIP scheme, special offer, discounts
2) Opening Speech
by partner fashion company Tommy Hilfiger,
fred gehring, the Chief executive officer of Tommy Hilfiger

The cooperation with Ahead
Details of the events and promotion (Cont'd) Details of the events and promotion (Cont'd) Details of the events and promotion (Cont'd) Details of the events and promotion (Cont'd) Details of the events and promotion (Cont'd) Details of the events and promotion (Cont'd) 3) Announcement of the first 2 days special event and
special offer by Ahead’s Independent Non-executive Chairman
Francis Sim.

The 2nd day’s special event: Cap DIY Competition
Cash voucher of 100 dollars for 3 winning teams
20 limited edition caps for 20 participating teams
All products 70 off, buy 5 get 1 free
4) Runway: 2010 Summer Collection

Modeled by Women's Basketball Team
(2009 champion)

Men's Track and Field Team
(2010 champion)
5) Q and A of the Oklahoma University sports records

10 questions

Rewarded by limited edition souvenirs

available to All participants
6) Enrolment for DIY competition

Competition held on the next day

20 teams
7) Party

Snacks and drinks

the END OUR promotional objectives 1. Profitability objectives:
To achieve 50% return on capital employed by December 2011

2. Sales objectives:
To have 50-unit sales per day

3. Market Share Objectives:
To take 70% of the market share of Campus Corner for cap products
OUR promotional objectives (Cont'd) 4. Promotional Objectives:
To increase the awareness of the University of Oklahoma students of Ahead’s products by 100 in June 2010

5. Objectives for Survival:
To survive during May to December of 2010

6. Objectives for Branding:
To make Ahead the preferred brand of cap of the students of the University of Oklahoma by 2011 December

OUR marketing strategies Viral marketing:
Any online strategy that encourages internet users
to pass on a 'marketing message' to others users,
creating the potential for explosive growth in the
original message's online exposure, web noise and
How to implement our marketing plan? by the following methods:

Reviews of our product
Inviting fashion organizations to write reviews for
our caps

Creating our own webpage to introduce our products
and biography to the public
How to implement our marketing plan? (Cont'd)
Creating our own blog page and update it every
week with texts and photos

Opt-in Email Marketing containing
Giving the latest information cost comparison sites

Opening Ahead’s own facebook account and a fans
group to let more people know it

How to implement our marketing plan? (Cont'd) Advertisement
Posting small banner on top listed website: Hotmail, Yahoo

Participating in sharing opinions with net friends and giving
them advice about caps
Information of our store Our brand logo Information of our store - our product Provide stylish caps (especially lorry
and baseball caps) to match with sportswear
and everyday wear
Blocking the sun for outdoor activities
Convenient for covering messy hair
Mix and match
Importing New Era® baseball caps and lorry caps
Caps and hats with our own design
More on our prodcuts Featured product 10 11 Other products Headband with company logo
Available in different colours to match with caps
12 Other products (cont'd) Avoid loosing the cap while doing activities
Absorb sweats (towel textured)
Wearing it individually is also recommended
Functions of the headband:
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