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Events For Change

creative ideas for making a difference

Peter Straube

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Events For Change

...but Tim Sanders says:
"The only reason to have an event
is to change the world."
The wisdom of Ben & Jerry holds that:
"the most powerful force in society is business"
As an event planner,
you make day-to-day decisions about
bring together resources
including people, who have...
experience & expertise
networking contacts
problem-solving skills
and they also provide you with an opportunity
...and the way they behave.
If we all leave
and nothing has changed
isn't it all just a waste
of time
and money?
Event planners wield the power
to assemble, direct and influence
all of these resources
So, what can you influence?
You have the power!
Are you using all of your power?
where your event will be held
what the attendee experience will include:
the agenda, food & beverages, entertainment,
transportation, etc.
who will provide the products & services you need
how your staff will be treated
what kinds of messages will be provided to attendees and other stakeholders
how any proceeds will be distributed
and much more...
of a responsibility revolution
It's no longer just
a nice little extra thing you can do
It's a way
of doing business
or maybe more than just business
It's about adding value to your event
and that's a form of ROI
it's about leaving the community and the world a little better place
than before your event took place.
and if so...how?
The power of resources and decisions.
Your power can be used
for good, or for evil.
Or...you can just set things up, take care of business, and go home.

Your choice.
Think about it.

Act on it.
“Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision will change the world.”
For more ideas
and to share your own stories:


to change the way they think...
We are in the middle
Every event has a purpose.
Return On Involvement
of time and money?
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