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Creating a Coil Pot

This will give the steps to making a coil pot in ceramics class.

Victoria Hess

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Creating a Coil Pot

Building a Coil Pot Materials Required
a small slab of clay
a wire clay cutter
a large work surface
water or slip Step 1: Preparing the clay
first, cut off a piece of clay with your wire cutter.
Important Vocab. Words to Know:
Coil Pot - Ropes of clay that are stacked to form a pot. This technique is one of the most commonly used hand-building methods.
Wedging - Method of kneading clay, ridding the clay of all air pockets.
Firing - To bake in a kiln. Firing is a term used for “cooking” the clay.

More Important Vocab.
Coils - Rope like pieces of clay
Slab - Clay which has been made flat by rolling.
Slip – A liquid form of clay used as a glue or as decoration
Scoring – Roughing up of the surface of clay for joining.
Step 2: Air bubbles
throw slab of clay onto the table, this will get the air bubbles out (this is called wedging)
Step 3: Rolling coils
Roll the clay with both hands back and forth over the table to create a coil.
Continue this until you have a long thin coil that is about 1/8 to 1/4 in thick. Step 4: Creating a bottom
flatten out a piece of clay and then cut out a circle the size that you want your pot to be. Step 5: Building up your pot
For each layer, you must put each coil into a circular shape and place each on top of each other.
Build it up to the height that is desired... Step 6: Slipping and Scoring
Make sure in between each layer of coils that you slip and score. This way the coils will stick together. Step 7: Smoothing
once you are finished building your pot, make sure to smooth out any bumpy areas so that the piece looks presentable Step 8: Let dry
Lightly drap the piece with plastic and let dry for a few days until hard. Then You may fire the piece. YOUR DONE!!!
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