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sheba N

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Tesco

TESCO Timeline Background - Sales figures for the last 5 years Current Situation SWOT Analysis Outline PESTEL Analysis Stakeholder Analysis Porter's 5 Forces Value Chain Analysis Conclusion and Recommendation Joint Ventures/Alliances/Diverstitures Strategy History
Current situation
SWOT Analysis
PESTEL Analysis
Stakeholder Analysis
Porters 5 Forces
Value Chain Analysis
Joint Ventures/Allainces/Diverstitures
Sales Figures for the last 5 Years
Recommendations Different types of stores

Extra - Hypermarket format designed as destination stores drawing in customers from across a wide catchment area. Extras are a key vehicle for growing sales of non-food items.

Superstore - this is the core store format. Superstores offer a full food range, supplementary services and limited non-food ranges. They are mostly located out-of-townCompact - Smaller versions of superstores, usually situated in market towns or on the edge of towns

Metro/high street - ‘‘Pocket supermarkets’’ that focus on convenience food, takeaways and lunch items; typically in High Street locations

Express - Convenience stores mainly located on petrol forecourts and operated as joint ventures with Esso Fuels. Ranges are broad and shallow with the emphasis on fresh food and impulse lines.


Tesco Telecom Q and A •So far the company is still dominant in the UK and Europe. They need to explore other markets with an emphasis on the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) which are the fastest growing economies and the fastest growing populations.

•They need to expand their online trading business within the existing UK, Europe and US Market. They should take a leaf from Walmarts book.

•They need to be more proactive in their CSR to prevent negative brand image and increase customer loyalty. This also includes the way they treat their suppliers and they way in which they deal with the smaller companies.

•Improve the following;-Availability-Service-Product and service range-Quality Tesco joint ventures
Reserve Bank of Scotland
to make films of books by best-selling authors
joint venture between Tesco and O2
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