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ED510 Presentation

A presentation about the "The Impact of Formative Feedback on Student Learning in an Online Classroom"

Tee Jay Green

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of ED510 Presentation

The Impact of Formative Feedback on Student Learning in an Online Classroom
Beverly M. Kleckner, Morehead State University
Journal of Instructional Psychology, 34(3), 161-165. 2007
Presented by:
Tee Jay Green
What's the point?
Does formative assesment result in better student learning?
Face to Face
No idea!
Why find out?
It's valuable to:
Instructors developing courses
Instructors teaching online courses
Instructional Designers
Research Questions
Does the use of weekly multiple-choice formative tests with immediate feedback impact student learning in the course?
Does the use of weekly multiple-choice formative tests with immediate feedback impact student evaluations of the course/instructor?

Would readers get it?
Formative Assessment
Immediate Feedback
The Sample Population
Experimental Class, N=33
Control Class, N=34
Two online sections of the same "Advanced Human Growth and Development" course.
"There was no assumption that the enrollment of participants in the classes was random."
They were all graduate students in the college of education
Research Method
Manipulated Variable?
Weekly 20-item multiple choice formative exams.
Question 1
A final exam was used to measure "student learning"
Question 2
The Individual Development and Educational Assessment (IDEA) student evaluation was used to measure "student satisfaction".
Research Design
They ran two identical sections of the same course, but added weekly formative assessments to one course. At the end of the semester, they used final exam scores to measure learning, and student surveys to measure satisfaction.
Students were not randomly selected
Only 2 classes
Not enough Tony Danza
Very low p value of .017, far below the .05, set a priori.
It's significant!
Question 1
Question 2
Can the results be generalized?
Stay Tuned.
There is test validity. The final exam is appropriate to measure "student learning" beacuase it "covered the material from all 16 weeks"
Evidence based on test content
Question 1
Question 2
The IDEA instrument is nationally norm-referenced.
This standardized instrument should be valid, but the article did not mention previous research stating so.
Should be generalizable to other populations
It's possible because there's nothing extraordinary about these courses.
If student aren't distributed carefully, the results could differ.
Question 1
"Students in the course with the weekly formative tests had statistically signigicnalty higher final exam scores."
Question 2
"It is of interest that although one class had the added assignment of the formative exams, the course evaluations were identical."
People developing, and helping to develop online courses would benefit to know this.
It's easy to build in formative assessments, and it would help the students learn better.
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