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SCMSA Making the Shift

No description

Carrie Grilli

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of SCMSA Making the Shift

Quality Feedback for PBL Making the Shift
Making it Work Keeping PBL Open Ended Making the Shift with
Project Based Learning Examples Beaufort Middle School's Critical Attributes of
Project Based Learning Making the Shift:
Project Based Learning
Carole Ingram, Principal

Carrie Grilli, Assistant Principal

Jerry Henderson, Assistant Principal
jerry.henderson@beaufort.k12.sc.us Essential Question
for this Session A time of change/shift in education ------

SHIFT to Common Core

SHIFT to 21st Century Skills

SHIFT to instructional technology What is "The Shift?" The Difference Between a Project and Project Based Learning (PBL) http://www.bie.org/images/uploads/useful_stuff/8_Essentials_article_small_file_size_Oct2012version.pdf Project Based Learning (PBL)
The 8 Essentials http://www.p21.org/storage/documents/4csposter.pdf The 4 Cs: 21st Century Skills Beaufort Middle School Stick to the 8 Essentials

Teach and use the 4 Cs Rubrics

Circulate to clarify directions and answer questions

Provide feedback and check for understanding

Carefully select learning targets that are articulated to students prior to beginning the PBL and the way mastery will be determined

Careful grouping to accomplish objectives

Providing resources that are essential, but not providing everything

Close/Careful preparation

Be willing to let your learners work harder than you do! Our experience tells us that quality PBL requires these things: Quality Feedback
Rubrics and Forms Using Edmodo to blog feedback and reactions
Using polls and quizzes as formative assessment Project Based Learning (PBL)
Feedback An Example of PBL Consider carefully what directions you will give to learners. You don't want to guide them too closely, but you don't want them to get off track either. Providing Directions Consider carefully what resources you will provide to learners, and which resources you will expect them to find on their own. Providing Resources While learners are working, be available to answer questions AS WELL AS ask questions. Guiding the Process http://www.nea.org/assets/docs/A-Guide-to-Four-Cs.pdf How does project based learning help us make "the shift" with our students and staff? Common Core Shifts Use of Instructional Technology Edmodo.com or other educational network

TodaysMeet.com, polling for formative assessment

iPads, laptops, computers

Teachers modeling use of technology

Students need to be taught how to determine what a reliable, accurate source is on the web http://www.friedtechnology.com/2012/11/whats-difference-between-doing-projects.html For example: If your PBL requires students to reference the layers of the atmosphere - Do you want to provide them with the page in the textbook OR do you want them to find it on their own when they realize they need that information? For example: You will want the learners to know what mastery looks like, so you will want to teach them a rubric. However, if you want the publicly presented to be open ended, you will not want to give direction about how the presentation should be formatted.
Part of making "the shift" with Common Core is that learners are expected to do a lot more in depth thinking. Chances are learners will look to the teacher to tell them what to do and how to do it. Ensuring that they 'figure it out' for themselves is essential to their mastery of the skills required by the Common Core and 4 Cs. 'Figuring it out' will take time and practice for both the learners and the teacher. A gradual release of responsibility from teacher to learner is essential. Shifts in ELA/Literacy Shifts in Mathematics Balancing Informational & Literary Texts
55% Informational by 8th grade

Knowledge in the Disciplines

Staircase of Complexity

Text-based Answers

Writing from Sources

Academic Vocabulary Focus for Deep Conceptual Understanding

Coherence of all Concepts and Standards


Deep Understanding

Application Across Contents

Dual Intensity of Practicing and Understanding Communication


Critical Thinking

Creativity Learners will often know more about technology than the teacher - it can be scary, but it's okay! Technology is a great tool, and proper use of it is an essential skill for the 21st century. However, it should only be used authentically, not just for the sake of using it. 1. Significant content
2. A need to know
3. A driving question
4. Student voice and choice
5. 21st Century Skills
6. Inquiry and innovation
7. Feedback and revision
8. A publicly presented product BIE.org

Project Design Rubric
Presentation Rubric
Collaboration Rubric
Presentation Feedback Form
Self-Reflection Form

http://www.bie.org/tools/freebies Why We Need to Make "The Shift" Now Your Turn.... Driving Question: How can I use Project Based Learning to make "The Shift" in my classroom?

You have attended the SC Middle School conference and learned about Project Based Learning. In an effort to maximize your learning for your district, your superintendent has asked you to create a PBL aligned to Common Core for your classroom/school. She has asked that you videotape your lessons involving the PBL and then present at an upcoming district professional development. Construct and implement a PBL for your classroom/school aligned to Common Core and following the guidelines and resources you gathered at the SCMSA conference.

FOR TODAY: Give us a snapshot of what your PBL might look like and be prepared to share! You have 8 minutes.
Download Our Handouts 1. Go to bms.beaufort.k12.sc.us
- Link on the Homepage
- Click on "About"
- Click on "Principal's Page"

2. Log in to Dropbox.com
username: carrie.grilli@beaufort.k12.sc.us
gryphons May or may not reference text Always provide multiple texts, both print and digital and require learners to refer to and give evidence those texts **COMMON CORE LINK*** When giving directions for a project, the teacher might say: "Everyone makes a poster." However, in a PBL the learner can choose from multiple formats. Assigning vs. Guiding The Blank Stare
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