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Welcome to Mrs. Hooker's Science Class!


Jane Hooker

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to Mrs. Hooker's Science Class!

Welcome to Mrs. Hooker's Science Class! Who is Mrs. Hooker? What are the class rules? I prefer to call them "Guidelines." Class Guidelines It's easy...there are just 2! Respect others
Follow ALL directions What happens if someone
chooses not to follow the guidelines? 1st offense: Your name is written down 2nd offense: Documentation 3rd offense: Recess detention YES!!! Entering the classroom... 1. Enter the classroom quietly 2. Take out book, notebook,
pencil and homework 3. Place backpack under your seat Getting your attention... There's a procedure for that! When Mrs. Hooker claps, you will do 3 things:

1. Stop what you're doing
2. Respond by clapping
3. Wait and listen Hallway Behavior no talking
straight line
be respectful of others What if I forget to do my homework? 1. Fill out "Responsibility Report." 20% will be taken off a graded assignment for each day it is late. Some assignments are not graded, just checked for completion.
For these assignments, you will receive an "incomplete." You do the math...
An assignment that would be 100% if turned in on time on Monday would be ______% if turned in on Tuesday. What would be your grade if you turned it in on Wednesday? Agenda Books Agenda book must be brought to class each day. 
You are responsible for using agenda books to record each assignment.  You also must bring your agenda book home and show it to a parent or guardian.  Agenda books are a very important communication tool between parents/guardians and me.  I will use it to record late or incomplete assignments. 2. Bring me your agenda for an "Incomplete" stamp. Homework Most homework will be a
reading comprehensions with
questions and an open-ended
response question. Most lab activities will be completed with your lab group. These groups are pre-assigned and will change every marking period. Lab Activities Lab worksheets and reports will be graded individually. Group participation is very important! There will be a participation grade factored into
each group activity based on the following criteria: What will we study in science this year? www.fredon.org What if I have to go to the bathroom? There's a procedure for that!
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