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Ads Company "TV International"

Presentation for "Berlin Chemie"

Levan Khomeriki

on 16 September 2017

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Transcript of Ads Company "TV International"

Ads Compani
"TV International

About Us
In 1992, the first advertising company in Georgia, "TV+", was founded. It kept the leading position in planning and evaluating ads campaign in Georgia. More than 50% of spots on the Georgian TV was prepared and aired by "TV+".

In 1995 it won the first international tender in advertising, declared by the World Bank and for more than a year succesfully collaborated with the World Bank Mission in Georgia. During 90's TV+ kept winning tenders, declared by such well known advertisers, such are Wrigley, Procter&Gamble, Ferrero, Cadburry, etc.

In 2007, "TV+" team formed new company, "TV International".
What we do
From 2007 "TV International" keeps serving those clients, whom it served in "TV+" and maintains old obligations and software.

"TV International" keeps taking active part on the TV market and acquired new clients. We won several big-scale tenders, such are "The National Agency of Public Registry", Ministry of Defence of Georgia, Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia, Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, Georgian Rugby Federation, Sista Georgian Products.
Media Management
There are several stages in providing Advertising Campaign these days,
which must be maintained for TV spot to be successfully aired. Our company pays great attention to this
subject and provides scientifically treatment of all above mentioned stages.

Those are the stages:
1. Serving of every new brand starts with exploring the local market for the given product.
This is achieved by the modern interactive soft “Arianna”, provided by “AGB Nielsen Media
Research”. Every media-manager in our company is certified to work with this program by “AGB”.

2. Approximate media plans are created, based on the info gathered from our competitors.
These plans are processed by “Arianna”, which gives us approximate results of the planned
advertising campaign: amount of population reached by our campaign, visibility frequency
and many other parameters, based on which we are able to optimize expenses – achieve
Maximum results by minimum spending. We are also able to plan advertisement by the
target audition, specific to the advertised product, which gives us even more efficiency.

3. After getting optimized media plan and agreeing it with client, we are buying
appropriate airing time needed for that campaign. This stage is also achieved by
the modern soft “Teleport”, which gives us ability to watch real-time conditions of the
airing times on the channels and purchase the needed duration in specific programs.
4. On the next stage of buying airing time, media managers are looking after campaign and at the same time provide customer with the information about aired spots: once a week you receive information about successfulness of the aired spot and gathered parameters (Reach, GRP, Frequency etc.). During the campaign it’s possible to happen forced changes (because of the force majors and technical reasons) and you will be informed in time so we can agree on rearranging in media plan.

5. Upon ending of campaign, we make summary analysis about past campaign and verify the airing of all planed spot. This information is brought by “Teleport”, although it’s once more re-checked by “Arianna”. After all that everything is provided to the customer.

During full scale campaign, it’s recommended to use other media resources, such are Radio and Print advertising.
For the radio advertisement It’s possible to create media plans based on the specifications of the advertised product – to reach specific target audience, which, itself, helps to increase the efficiency of the campaign.

Also a big part in increasing of the notoriety of the brand plays advertisement in press (print advertising). After watching TV spot and listening to the Radio spot, customer has a chance to collect more information about now-known brand in the magazines/newspapers – advertisement doesn’t vanish from the paper, unless you close the journal.
Print advertisement greatly helps customer in making his decision.

Our company uses several soft in monitoring and analyzing media. Besides above-mentioned soft (Arianna, Teleport), we closely cooperate with “Sarke Research” and are using it’s soft, which even greatly enlarges our possibilities in researching interesting segment market in Georgia.

By this soft we can provide you with the following information:
Monitoring of the TV Advertisement;
Monitoring of the Outdoor Advertisement;
Monitoring of the Press (Printed media) Advertisement;
Digest of TV subjects with short annotations;
Digest of Press subjects with short annotations;
Copies of newspaper articles;
Copies of TV subjects;
Frequency of mentioning of persons and corporations;
Monitoring of billboards, light-boxes and banners country-wide;
Advertising activity in the sector of interest of customer;
Dynamic (increase/fall) of the advertising activity of the competitor;
Calculating budget of any given brand.
Dila Products
Wentto Mobile
Gathered Experience
Contact Us!
When serving corporate clients with
full-ad campaign, we also offer other
means of advertising, such as Outdoor, Print, souvenirs, etc.
+(995 32) 215 30 03/04
32 Saburtalo str., Tbilisi, Georgia
Coffee JFK
Notariusta Palata
Notariusta Palata
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