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The life cycle of a Chicken!

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Katie Laliotis

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of The life cycle of a Chicken!

-When a egg is laid, a baby chicken starts growing and forming inside.

-The eggs need to be kept warm. The hen will sit on top of the eggs to keep them warm.

-The yolk inside the egg has food that helps the chick grow.
-When a chick is strong enough, it hatches from its egg.
Image by Tom Mooring
The Second stage: Hatching
Egg = baby chick
There are
stages in a chicken's life cycle
The Life cycle of
a chicken!

By Katie Laliotis and Claire Beardsley
The first stage: EGGS!
When an egg is laid, a baby chick starts to grow inside.
-A chick has a lump on its beak
called an egg tooth.
It uses its egg tooth to make
holes around the shell.
-Baby chicks learn about
what is good to eat by pecking. Sometimes they even peck at their own toes.

The third stage: Adulthood
-A female chicken is called a hen (the mother). A male chicken is called a rooster (the father).

-Most hens will lay about
two eggs a day. In the winter
hens stop laying eggs until spring.

-Chickens can live as long as 10-12 years.

There are 21 Days in the life cycle of a chicken.
know your chickens!
BLACK chickens: are called
Australorps (Australian)
PALE yellow:
light sussex
CARAMEL with or without BROWN stripes:
-You cannot tell if a chicken is a HEN or a ROOSTER until the chicken is 5-6 weeks old
-Start laying eggs at 19 weeks of age
If your thinking about hatching
or adopting a chicken they need:

*warm, dry environment
*light/heat lamp producing at
least 35 degrees at floor level
(heat required until fully feathered
approx 5-6weeks
*bedding material -wood shavings
Henny Penny Hatching Programs and Adoption.
P.O box 13, Northcote VIC 3070
PH: 0422 404 233
Email: hpnortheast@hotmail.com
website: www.hennypennyhatching.com.au
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