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This is a brief overview of Bubblr, a free online tool you can use to create comic strips using photos from flickr.

Julie Rohan

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Bubblr

Basics Uses Examples What Is It?
As easy as taking a sequence of pictures from Flickr and adding bubbles to create a story.
Bubblr is a project by Pimpampum.net based on Flickr images
Since 2005, PimPamPum has developed several tools using Flickr API.
They don't create them with commercial purposes and offer them free to all.
Link: http://www.pimpampum.net/bubblr
Bubblr is a tool to create online comic strips (photonovels) using images from Flickr Julie Rohan
May 2010 Let's Get Started! Poetry Imagery
Photo Story
Book Characters/Scenes
Exploring Differnt Cultures
Historical Narrative

Once you decide on what your Bubblr Story will be about, search for flickr images
All images are from Creative Commons Choose your image
Drag to the storyboard
Add text bubbles
Hit Publish and you're done! http://www.pimpampum.net/bubblr/?custom=&id=22055
Uses Once you title your Bubblr creation, it is entered into the archive for everyone to see and search for.
Make sure you remeber the title and name you use You can print, post or email your Bubblr creation You can either search or browse through the archive http://www.pimpampum.net/bubblr/
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