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Copy of CMD - Course: E-business

This Prezi is for students C-md (Maastricht, Netherlands). We use this as a starting point in the course e-business.

bram balvers

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of CMD - Course: E-business

CMD course:
e-Business Internet Marketing Environment Introduction (Ch.1) Strategy Micro-environment (Ch.2) Macro-environment (Ch.3) Internet marketing mix (Ch.5) Web
Mobile Interactive TV
Digital signage Narrowcasting Digital media IPTV Internet marketing E-marketing Digital marketing E-business E-commerce E-definitions Blog Social network Social media (RSS) Feed Podcast Vodcast Multichannel marketing Web evolution Applications 5s of Internet Marketing Sell
De site heeft een eigen webshop.
Save Serve
Betalen via Paypal
(dus comfort van huis uit bestelen en betalen)
Je kan een Digitale versie in pdf vorm gratis downloaden als voorbeeld.
Er is weinig tot geen interaction, En de site stam uit de prehistory Speak Sizzle Transaction alternatives Online presence 1. Transactional e-commerce site
5. Six categories e-communications also: Table 1.1 Benefits digital media (6 i's) Interactivity Intelligence Individualisation Integration Industry restructuring Indepence of location Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 5 Team 4 Dave Krapels, CMD
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