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DPP Interns 2014

No description

Selah Hampton

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of DPP Interns 2014

Selah Hampton
Terrence Johnson
Christopher Martin
Valerie Pierre
Danielle Ricks
DPP Interns 2014
Valerie Pierre

Health Policy Med Ed
Public health opportunities RoadMap
AAMC-CDC Webinar Series
Christopher Martin
Career Fair
Black Male Medical School Pipeline
K-Writer's Coaching Group and Evaluation

Terrence Johnson
Nickens Award Nominees Database
SMDEP Essay Competition
Minority Faculty Project
Danielle Ricks
Addressing Microaggressions in Academic Medicine
Diversity and Inclusion Certification Program Survey
Selah Hampton
Literature review (culture and climate, GME)
GDI member engagement
Meetings with the Collaborative for Enhancing Diversity in Science

Minority Faculty Seminar Evaluation
Urban Universities for HEALTH gap analysis
Brief analysis of URMs in undergraduate and graduate medical education
Brief overview of seminar topics
2009-2012: Knowledge measurements
2013: Self-efficacy

Min Fac Database includes:
Total participants
Total participants per year
Ranks of each participant
Evaluating Program Impact
Profiles and data regarding medical colleges and teaching hospitals
Evaluation frameworks and program impact
Return on learning/return on resources
Interviews for program participants
cultural misalignment
health equity
diversity inclusion
performance measures
(un)conscious bias
multicultural success ratio
STEM education
Diversifying the Workforce
Organizing the Data
Diversity and Inclusion forum
Addressing Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine
Q & A
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