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Johannes Brahms Presentation

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ryan medves

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Johannes Brahms Presentation

Johannes Brahms Presentation
by: Jeremey Kelling and Ryan Medves

born May 7, 1833 in Hamburg, Germany
father gave him his 1st musical lessons at age of 7
showed early promise on piano and made money by playing at restaurants and theaters.
older sister and a younger brother
Personal Life
remained in Vienna the rest of his life
music sold well, so he was well set and also was good in the stock market
in 1890 he claimed he was going to give up on composing, but after 2 months he was back
last performance was in March of 1897
died a month later on April 3rd due to cancer
1st piece
Johannes Brahms - Lullaby
piece 2
major to minor
conjunct with medium range
tempo stays pretty consistant
strings, brass, and woodwinds were used
accomplished musician by his teenage years
friends with German composer Robert Schumann
in Vienna he was the principle conductor of the Society of Friends of Music and directed the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Info continued
he wrote a number of major works for orchestra, including two serenades, four symphonies, two piano concertos (No. 1 in D minor; No. 2 in B-flat major), a Violin Concerto, a Double Concerto for violin and cello, and two companion orchestral overtures, the Academic Festival Overture and the Tragic Overture. His two most famous works were Hungarion Dance #5 and the Lullaby.
highly influenced by Beethoven
very similar to Beethoven's style in many of his works (ex: his 1st symphony was influenced by Beethoven's 5th symphony)
loved classical composers Mozart and Haydn. He collected 1st editions and autographs of their works.
Robert Schumann had a major influence as well on Brahms at an early age.
his works had a sense of form and order
many saw him as the champion of "pure music"
Styles tended to be major or minor depending on what happened in his personal life. (ex: The German Requiem
other influences
some of his works were inspired by his mothers death in 1865.
Highly influenced by nature and children
Also influenced by the Bible in German written by Martin Luther
Tended to be agnostic and a humanist, which played a role in his music
never married, had a lot of short term relationships
fond of nature, often went on walks in the woods around Vienna
small fortune, but despite his wealth he lived a very simple life
gave away large sums of money to friends and to aid musical students
lifelong friend of Johann Strauss, but their styles were different
conjunct with a narrow ange
minor with a very slow tempo
the dynamics were soft and the violin was used
paints an image of putting a baby to sleep in its crib
Tree of Brahms
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