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Legalize it all

No description

Soffy Fierro

on 2 June 2017

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Transcript of Legalize it all

Drug addiction
How to win the war on drugs
Oscar Fierro
Mr Kevin Krane

Thank You
Baum, D. (2016). How to win the war on drugs. Legalize it all. Harper’s magazine. Recuperado de: https://harpers.org/archive/2016/04/legalizeitall/ [02/04/2016].
Trevor W. R. & Barry J. E. (1999). Drug addiction: bad habits add up. Nature International weekly journal of science. Recuperado de: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v398/n6728/full/398567a0.html. [30/05/2017]
-A drug is a substance that can modify the person's thinking, feelings and emotions
What is a Drug?
Types of drugs
Energy drinks
Drugs cause stimulation of the central nervous system.
Produces feelings of alertness, confidence, increases energy levels and self-esteem.

It causes the disappearance of feelings of hunger and sleep.
In the most lethal cases, drugs are implanted into the red blood cells.
Cells die and coagulate
Causes brain injury, paralysis and death.
Why drugs are popular?
"Use drugs for to be at the limit in parties"
Imitate your favorite artist
It's a way out of reality
The main affected are children and adolescents from 13 to 17 years
Vulnerable groups
Victims of inexperience
Are addicts or minor traffickers
The root of the problem
They are illegal but they are in everywhere
The traffickers are only pawns
They work to consume or for money
A higher category are the assassins (sicarios)
They control "the territory" and the power given them by guns and money.
The boss
The master mind
They use illegality and danger to obtain uncountable amounts of money
They generate the criminal movement and social corruption.
Drug addiction
Assassinations and homicides
Accident or overdose deaths
People enter drug trafficking for money, power and luxuries.
Drugs are very expensive because they are illegal.
It is a dangerous business and few people want to do it.
If you do not win a war in 40 years, you are not fighting well
Prohibition makes drugs more expensive
Addicts steal to get them because only few people sell them
"The more dangerous and illegal it is, the more expensive it will be"
If drugs such as marijuana are legalized, the drug business would not be so strong
It would not be necessary to kill
It would not be necessary to steal
Addiction could be seen as a problem with solution
Addicts would not be dangerous or beggars.
Drugs can be good ..!
Reduces havoc of chemotherapy
Reduces muscle and bone pain
Marijuana has anti-cancer properties
Drug addiction is present all over the world
Governments fight against drug trafficking without any result.
Legalization of drugs directly affects drug trafficking
Addiction could be seen as a treatable and less common disease.
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