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Icing on the Cake

By Annie Zhang 8TC7

Annie Zhang

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Icing on the Cake

icing on the cake What have I learnt? ANNIE ZHANG 8TC7 Washing an electric frypan
A B C D E G F H I J K L M O Chopping a capsicum Manage time efficiently Skills
and techniques Maths Science Visual Arts presentation chemical changes calculations Gantt Chart timeline keeping track organisation no panicking controlled Risks Taken Snowball lamingtons soft on inside. might collapse base very thin oven burnt cake grating carrots lamington wall collapse freddos might not have melted. too less, not enough tooth picks & skewers might not support cake might break What didn't go
according to
plan? STRATEGIES lamington wall Tooth picks skewers lay lamingtons flat EVALUATION Likes Dislikes What worked
well What didn't
work well What I would
change What I wouldn't
change What was
successful? What wasn't
successful? What I
enjoyed What I
didn't enjoy COMMENTS Aspects of learning
I would change Connecting to
real life context TECH NEW BIG QUESTION: Great Organisation skills FOOD peach strudels spring roll reduce liquid be more careful organising a party WHO CAN HELP? well time management organisation skills HYGIENE SAFETY DIET NUTRITION THANK YOU health issues less theory! MORE PRAC! quick strategies MORE FUN Ms Banks Dem Cake Gantt Chart Theory Age Group Snowball Lamnigtons FOOD NOTHING (: FOOD Working as a team FUN THEORY ): Portfolio :s timetable T

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