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Innitel Sales Presentation

Daniel Leubitz

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Innitel

Deciding on an IP PBX is an easy process Innitel, its easy. Your may already have an old PBX phone system that is no longer meeting your needs. Maybe you heard about others system being able to record calls, email voicemail messages, pop up the caller ID on computer screens, giving visitors to your website a button to call you directly. Perhaps you just viewed your budget, and are looking lower your overall communication expenses. Either way, you have now begun the process of evaluating an IP system from Innitel. What you need, to Succeed. SERVICE: Your phones are one of the major gateways to your company and reliability and up time can not be compromised.

Most legacy phone users pay near 1000 Shekel per month for service, that requires a person to find their way to your office. This is costly and can leave you down for long periods of time.

With an IP system, our support staff can login and fix issues without leaving their desks. This saves costly repair visits and increases response time.

Whats important. Keep track of your employees and your overall usage. With a pretty graphic interface, you can review each phones usage in real time! Want to listen in on training calls or review calls later on? An Innitel IP system allows you to see things like you never were able to. Reporting and functions The Innitel IP system costs about half the price of a legacy system with a whole bunch more functionality. As you grow, you simply add phones, no need for expensive cards and service visits. Just order a phone and plug it in, no matter if 1 or 1000. What this going to cost. You have come to the same decision that countless Israel based businesses have. An IP based system from Innatel, costs less to start up, less to maintain and provides the tools you need to be more efficient. Congratulations. Call Us for a walkthrough 072-2463700
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