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STEM in the School Library

No description

Tracey Carayol

on 27 October 2017

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Transcript of STEM in the School Library

STEM in the School Library
Creating an Interdisciplinary Connection
Hands on learning is more stimulating.

Learning through literacy and projects is very meaningful.

Scholars are able to recall, define and explain learning through doing activities.

A Garden Grows in the Bronx
Establish partnerships with CBOs (Citizens NYC, Foodbank of NYC, Fuel Up to Play 60, NY Cares, Grow to Learn NYC )

Collaborate with classroom teachers.

Bring parents and community volunteers into the fold.
Benefits to the Learning Community
Scholars develop compassion, grit and perseverance.

Gardening promotes environmental awareness.

Citizenship is fostered as children becoming contributing community members.

Technology Integration
Culminating learning activities, scholars are taught different technology platforms.

Children learn to evaluate websites for relevant, accurate and reliable information for their projects

Copyright lessons are taught for image use.

QR codes are generated so digital projects can be posted on bulletin boards.

Information Fluency Lessons
Topic introduction through read alouds.

Transliteracy fostered by ebooks, magazines, online sites, videos and read aloud tapes.

Research and evaluation skills taught to support learning and tech projects.

by Tracey Wong, SLMS
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