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Role of Women in Society in the 1930's

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Hannah White

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Role of Women in Society in the 1930's

Role of Women in the 1930's Women in the Workforce As the roaring 20's came to an end, much of the influence women had gained in the workforce was lost. During the "Roaring 20's," a period in American history of great economical, financial, and all-around general prosperity, women were able to gain a lot of ground in the workforce. They were hired mostly in unskilled jobs such as secretaries, seamstresses, etc. Women in the 1930's were expected solely to be homemakers, and leave the"work" to the men. THE NEW DEAL While nearly 25% of Americans were out of work during the

1930's, women were expected to remain at home and not

compete with men for the few jobs that were available. " " Though the New Deal helped many Americans get jobs, it only really helped men. One aspect of the New Deal, the Economy Act of 1932, actually made it so that during certain sitations, such as a need for cutbacks, women were to lose their jobs in favor of men. Because of the financial stress in most Great Depression households, money was tight. It was up to the women keep track of the money while still providing a somewhat comfortable life for their families. The New Deal allowed many men access to jobs. Women, especially married women, were greatly descriminated against: many of the states made it illegal for these women to hold jobs. Hannah White All in all, though women became somewhat influential in society during the 1920's, much of this influence was lost during the Great Depression, and would not return until World War II.
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