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Select People (About us)

Introduction to Select People, our business and how we deliver a unique service to our clients

Jonathan Campbell

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of Select People (About us)

Double click anywhere & add an idea Who are Select People? Sourcing, Assessment & Selection Experts
Leverage Social Media, Web 2.0 & emerging technologies to source & hire talented people globally
Provide unique solutions to reduce total cost of hire & improve quality of hire
Irish Company; 90% of clients are overseas
IrishRecruiters Agency of the year 2009

"Select People for the speed at which it consistently embraced the use of technology throughout FY09.......this has helped Select People to clearly consolidate their place in the international recruitment marketplace." IrishRecruiters Industry Awards 2009:
Agency Award Winners: Traditional Sourcing Model Select People Model: Our Skills & Experience: Why Select People? What type of people have we found? Accountants
Insurance Experts
HR Professionals
IT Specialists
Where? Bahamas
Cayman Islands
Chile Ireland
Neth Antilles
USA Sectoral Expertise: Insurance/ Reinsurance
Investment/ Asset Management
Private Banking
Wholesale Banking
Corporate Recovery

Traditional recruitment advertising still only captures a very small % of the "low hanging" active job seekers CIPD Certified Internet Recruiters & Experts at interrogating search engines and identifying prospects. Sigificant investment in emerging recruitment technologies to lower cost per hire & improve quality of results Bigger Picture:
Directors & Consultants have a depth of HR, recruitment and commercial knowledge across multiple business sectors Expertise in the design & management of Social Network Recruitment strategies The experience we gain from sourcing in diverse global markets enables us to contribute unique insights when hiring locally. National Recruitment Agency Representative on Microsoft supported "IrishRecruiters" Think Tank to raise skill levels in recruitment within Ireland. Lower cost per hire, guaranteed Flexible recruitment solutions to suit your organisation, when you need them Our skills allow us to quickly identify relevant candidates for our clients and deliver EXACTLY what they ask for. Our experience ensures that the best possible candidate is offered and accepts our client's job. Leading edge technology, training and processes ensure that you hire the best talent before your competition does Visit us today:
selectpeople.wordpress.com Vacancy ADVERTISE Print Media
Agency Website
Corporate Website
Jobs Boards
Agency Database What's wrong with the old model? Active Job Seekers make up only 16% of the workforce Only 14% of consumers trust advertisements Clients get the "best candidates that the agency has" rather than the BEST CANDIDATES! Active Job Seekers Assess Responses Shortlist We maintain 24x7x365:
Social Media Presence
Online Communities
Skills Specific Discussion Forums Source directly from the web using Boolean Operators & Semantic Search
Seek referrals & recommendations from followers, fans, communities and professional networks
Seek off-line referrals from existing network of known influencers & leaders Vacancy Targetted Passive & Active Candidates Shortlist Recruitment Solutions Sourcing: Marketing: Staffing & Training: On-site Contract Recruiters
Off-site dedicated HR/ Recruitment Resources
Certified Internet Recruitment Training
Social Media for Recruiters Training Assessment: Low cost Web & Phone Based Assessment Tools
Structured Interview Testing
Behavioural Assessment
Outsourced Confidential Reference Checking

Social Media Design & Content Management
Recruitment Campaign Management
Content Production (Written, Video, Audio) Contingency Recruitment
Outsourced Shortlist production
Pay-per-hour contract recruiters
Retained Executive Search
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