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Walmart Green Marketing

No description

Aaron Faw

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Walmart Green Marketing

WalMart Green Marketing What they do... Solar panels on roofs of stores Aims to lower their global supply chain of greenhouse gas emissions 20 million metric tons by 2015
Claims that it is eqivalent to taking 3.8 million cars off the road for a year Visual marketing youtube video Walmart accused of Greenwashing Use corn based plastics and green energy Claimed they were going to pack their trucks full
not to keep the air clean but only to save $300 million
in fuel costs per year Want to increase store efficiency and reduce greenhouse
gasses to cut their expenses Their green marketing is not relevent to their product,
but as a company as a whole. They pledge to reduce packaging
materials across the board and create
more recyclables and replace PVC
packaging in all Walmart branded items
with more eco friendly materials Their change Committed to selling 100% sustainable
fish in its food markets Preparing for a huge move
to organic foods DuPont Greenwashing Program "Open Science" is a program
that is supposed to help tap new energies
and make industries safer and more eco-
friendly Searching this on the website leads you to how
they are helping food shortages, dwindling petroleum,
and global warming. They fail to report risks of chemicals
in products to the EPA, which means
they do not have to comply with the
phase out agreement of those chemicals They tried to cover it up with
the "Open Science" campaign
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