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Containment and the Truman Doctrine

By: Meashia Burton

Meashia Burton

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Containment and the Truman Doctrine

Truman Doctrine President Truman declared
it to be the foreign policy of
the U.S to assist any country
whose stability was threatened
by communism. He believed that countries
who are resisting forced
control should be helped to
overcome it. The help should
be through economic and finaical
aid, which is the same as economic
stability and orderly political process.. Both Greece and Turkey were fighting for freedom under communism.
In both countries, the Soviets did not succed in gaining control. Containment This is a policy of creating
strategic alliances in order
to check the expansion of a
hostile power or to force it
to negotiate peacefully. George F. Kennan was the
creator of the containment policy.
He was an American diplomat and
expert on the Soviet Union. He believed that providing economic
aid to other countries could strengthen
them against the Soviet Union, Greece

Soviet-supported communists were trying to take advantage of postwareconomic problems to gain power. Marshall Plan Turkey

Soviet government was trying to gain more control. Along with the Truman Doctrine
and the Containment Policy, the
Marshall Plan also went into affect. Like war after Greece, Western
Europe was in chaos. Factories were
being bombed or looted. Millions of
people lived in refugee camps. In 1947 Secretary of State
George Marshall proposed
that the U.S. provide aid to
all Euopean nations that needed it. This plan was created to
revive European hopes.
16 countries recieved some 13
billion dollars in aid. By this plan
the communist party had lost much of
its appeal to voters.
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