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"Refugees Welcome"

No description

Mahek Marker

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of "Refugees Welcome"

Syrian Refugees Coming To Canada
From Mahek
So far, we have been hearing about the tragic experience that the Syrian refugees are going through, trying to find shelter or a country to settle in. Along the way there have been many tragic deaths.
Refugees are people who have been forced to flee from their homes and countries, to find a safer place to live. They might have ran from their homes because of corruption, well torn countries, civil war, or even have experienced unthinkable horrors.
Presently, there are 19.5 million refugees in todays world. Countries with resettlement programs help approximately 100,000 refugees each year. The Canadian Refugee program is split into two main parts: Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program, helps provide protection outside of Canada, and the In-Canada Asylum Program, providing refugee claims inside Canada.
Countries like...
And more, have accepted the Syrian refugees to settle in their country and provide them with resources in order to survive.
Along with America, Canada has now allowed Syrian refugees to enter our country. The Government of Canada is working with Canadians to accept 25, 000 Syrian refugees. Canada helps find solutions for refugee situations and its population growth. To do this, Canada works with UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency).
The Syrian refugees will probably arrive in a couple of weeks, but there is no exact date. Canada is working with various extensive networks or partners to resettle them. They are planning to send helicopters overseas to bring refugees safely to our country. We might be receiving approximately 10, 000 refugees in Ontario alone. Refugees will be provided with assistance from the federal government, province of Quebec, or private sponsors. The resettlement assistance program (RAP) will provide immediate services delivered 4-6 weeks before a clients arrival, including:
port of entry and reception services
temporary accommodations
help to find permanent accommodations
information and orientations
links to other provincial programs
I believe that this can really help benefit the Syrian Refugees by providing them with protection and assistance after their horrible journey and fatal deaths. On the other hand, it can be dangerous for us Canadian citizens, by bringing in strangers into our country with not knowing what they might have brought (diseases). I feel like the there should be strong protection and border, to keep our country safe.
I believe this is important for us because, these tragic stories have been happening across the world from us, and we are privileged to be living here in peace. I feel like we are in charge of helping out our own race and prevent loosing innocent lives. We should all make our world a better place by helping each other out.
Thanks you for listening from my presentation
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