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Creating Clips in Ardome

This will teach you how to find video and submit an EDL for an editor.

John Saginario

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Creating Clips in Ardome

Creating Clips
in Ardome Confused?
Overwhelmed? If you're reading this, you're probably brand new to Ardome. This presentation will show you how to search for a clip in Ardome (our digital video system), preview that clip & submit a cut Edit Decision List to an editor for air! So what's an EDL? You'll hear that phrase
around the newsroom a lot.
An EDL (edit decision list) is
literally a list of all the shots
you want to see in a video clip. That right there, is an EDL. This tells my editor I want to see the Quake Aftermath first, the Picture Album second, and the Refugees third.

When I'm done, I can send this list to an editor... who turns my clips into a VO. But before we get too far... You still need to know *how*
to find the clips you need.
Well, here's how: EDL Finding Clips All peices of video in the Ardome
system can be found by a web-
based search interface, sort of
like Google.

You enter what you're looking for,
like "boat accident" or "President
Obama" and Ardome will show you
clips matching your search
criteria. But just like there's a lot of
web sites on Google,
there's a lot of clips in Ardome. So finding the right one...
takes a little knowledge and a little practice. Here's How: This is the ardome search window. Enter search terms
here, like:
"President Obama" And then click
"Search media"
to find the clips! (you can also
hit the enter key) As you can see, the search term "President Obama" brings up a lot of clips. And most of them, don't include much video of the President. WHOA! president obama I know what you're thinking..

"How am I supposed to find that
clip of the President I need?!"

The answer, lies in the metadata. Metadata Metadata is information;
like people, locations and
keywords associated with
individual clips.

You see some of it high-
lighted in green and blue
on the left.

Think of metadata as a
tag on a peice of clothing.
It tells you the brand, the
size, care instructions...
all you need to know! Oh Jeez! Now What? Did you found the clip
you were looking for?


Now let's bring it into
a program where you can
watch your footage, pick
what you like and send
it off to an editor! --> Opening a
Clip First, select
the clip you
want by clicking
on the video
frame, or the
title of the clip
(called the "slug") The clip is now open in Precut,
and ready for you to start
editing away.

At this point, you'll start creating that "edit decision list" or EDL mentioned earlier.

In the next lesson - we'll show you how to work inside Precut, mark "in" and "out" points, preview your finished video and
submit it to an editor. Viola! What's an EDL? When you click on one of the frames of video (here, 4 are
shown) it will open in Precut.

You can also click "Precut"
under "Perform."

Also, if you see the "Restore" button, that means the clip
you want is archived. You'll
need to click that button if
you plan to use that clip in
your final edit. Stay Tuned!
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