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Leadership Workshop Series 1

October: Getting to Know You

Bethany Piraino

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Leadership Workshop Series 1

OBJECTIVES OVERVIEW sign in / introductions
GROUP definition of leadership
“Group Dynamics” DISCUSSION LEADERSHIP got definition? today you will...
Learn that there are many styles of leadership
Discover your leadership traits and learn the traits of other styles different than yours
Recognize how important it is to have a team of diverse style traits OCTOBER:
Leadership Styles
and Definitions GROUP DYNAMICS IMPLEMENTOR this is the person who is the active organizer
and is very task oriented. This person will move the group to
a desired destination. This person will tackle the new task
head on and get results for you. SHAPER this person wants to get
it done! they may be impatient so
you will need to keep an eye on
them; their impatience may have
a negative impact on the dynamics
of the group. you need the drive
that this person provides, but the
leader will need to keep a handle
on them. WORRIER is a must have for the gruop because they will insure that the details are taken care of. this is the person whom you will normally want to assign the small details to because they will worry about every little thing and check and recheck to see if it's getting done. it is better to let this person work alone sometimes because their worrying will tend to make non-worriers crazy. COORDINATOR this is the person who will
do more to facilitate harmony within the
group rather than complete the tasks. if
you're smart, you'll allow this person to do
what they do best because they are usually
people oriented and they hate conflict. each
group needs such a person to keep operation
on an even keel. INVESTIGATOR this personwill follow new ideas and will be
the creative one in the group. allow this person to come up
with the wacky ideas because they may lead the group to a
decision or solution they never would have come to otherwise.
don't burden this person with details though, they don't tend
to handle specifics very well. EVALUATOR this person is a great supervisor and will keep your quality control up to snuff. Be careful because this person is sometimes obsessed with perfection and this may generate some ill within the group. WHAT
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