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No description

Eugene Buenaventura

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Creepness

Crazy-Creepy Poem I Wrote at 4 in the Morning

By: Eugene Buenaventura
Leaves crack and fall in wondrous trance
Autumn’s amber red shadows dance
And in between a cool lit sky
A rush, then hush winds passer by
Moonlight breaks through clouds agape
Sweeping a torn windows drape
And here upon graveled shame
I rot, no stop, no end to pain
I see her face, through broken tears
Her voice still sings like hollowed cheers
Her touch a burn, her kiss a lie
Her laughter, disasters when she cries
A chipped grin, across her cheek
She sold the world and bought me weak
Who knew eyes could cut like knives
A tragedy, sadly, I’m still alive

As shattered memoirs beneath my feet
Crunch and crack in their discreet
Whispering the worst to say
“She never, ever loved you anyway”
But the truth in claims lies in crumbles
For she is buried ‘neath the shameful rubble
She took the life that the good lord gave her
A grave, how brave, I could have saved her.
Too late the moment, and fractured, the thrills
Her thousand promised roses wilt
Tonight I’ll sleep through all of the splinters
And forget to regret, I’ll wake in the winter.
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