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Grande Prairie

No description

Nick Cosco

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie
: 55.1708°N 18.7947°W
: 2011, 55,032
: North America, Canada, Alberta, Grande Parire
: 22% Filipino, 14% Black, 10% Other, 18% Chinese, 9%Latin American, 20% South Asian, and 6% multiple Visible Minority.
: Grande Prairie Regional College, and multiple High School and trade schools.
City Highlights
Prairie Mall, amphitheatre,centre 2000, crystal lake, cultural information Center, dog park, fishing pond, grande prairie museum, grande prairie model racer's ,lawn bowling , mini links mini golf,rotary campground, sani dumps, skateboard park, spray park, swanavon thrill hill, south bear creek ball diamonds, tennis and basketball, courts, trails, wee links gold, nitehawk ski hill
Sports team:
Grand Prairie storm jr a team

Winters are very cold with some mild spells. Summers are often fairly cool to pleasantly warm in the day time, but nights can be cool despite the long summer days typical for its latitude
Average yearly family income-
Average home price(2013)
Major exports from region
- Oil, natural gas, lumber, grains and livestock
In demand jobs
- Service technician, Business development representative, VP of brand management
Primary service industries-
Oil, natural gas, lumber, grains and livestock
Secondary service industries-
Canadian Forest Products Ltd. [Canfor]Sawmill Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd. Bleached Kraft Pulp Mill Risley Manufacturing Builds forestry related attachments such as Rotosaw, Fellerbuncher Sawheads, Limmit Delimbers, Grapples, Processors and Forestry Cabs. Sterling Pulp Chemicals Sodium Chlorate Plant
Service industries-
Teachers, doctors, cashiers , farmers etc.
Renewable sources-
Non renewable sources-

Birth of the Swan City
Soon after the City of Grande Prairie received it's charter in 1958, it was declared the "Home of the Trumpeter Swan". In 1926, a visiting representative of the Canadian Wildlife Service discovered that the swans were nesting in the Grande Prairie area.
Since then, a combination of protective legislation, good wildlife management and co-operation between Canada and the United States has rescued the swan from the endangered list.

The Original City Hall
The original City Hall was shared between the City's Welfare Officer and the Peace Region Planning Commission. Council consisted of a mayor elected for a two-year term and six alderman. The building was destroyed by fire in February 1961 and soon replaced by a newer facility on June 6, 1962.

The Daily Newspaper
The Daily-Herald Tribune began production on April 6, 1964. It had been formerly known as the Grande Prairie Herald since 1913. The Herald amalgamated with it's rival, the Northern Tribune after a fire in 1939 to create the Grande Prairie Herald-Tribune
Grande Prairie is located 55.1708°N, 18.747°W, and is 465 km northwest of Edmonton, lying at an elevation of 669 meters (2,195ft) above sea level. Farm lands surround the city the north, east,and west.
90% speak English. other major languages are Polish,Tagalog, Cree , and Ukrainian. More then 70% are Christian, about 25% are Roman Catholics. Population is 55,032 and 775 of that number work.
Grande Prairie possesses oil, and gas, a agriculture, forestry, and food service.
There is only one major lake which is Crystal Lake and is mostly flat land.
The people of Grande Prairie depend on the farmers around them for food. They also modify there homes to have heating and cooling/
People wear heavy jackets in the winter because it is very cold there and they have cool summers so they wear light jackets in the summer.
They use airplanes, city public transits, charter bus, highways and roads, phones, tv's, computers, and mail. for transportation and news.
They are interior plains region because its mostly flat land and a lot of farming.

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