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The Minecraft Adventure

No description

Olivia Zhang

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of The Minecraft Adventure

The Minecraft Adventure!
The Beginning
Once upon a time, there were 4 friend named Liz, Eddy, Cynthia, and Chloe. They were so bored. They were playing Minecraft on their devices. Liz and Eddy in their tablets, Cynthia on her laptop, and Chloe on her iPad. "Hey!" Cynthia yelled, "Chloe you're not the one making the armor I AM!You're the one helping Eddy kill animals" "But I want to build armor... dibs on gold!!!" Eddy rolled her eyes. She always tried to tell Chloe that diamond was best, but NOOOOOO, she thought gold was more stylish. Then Liz piped up, "HEY! I spawned a nether portal!" Then a portal popped out of nowhere and sucked all of them in.
The first day in Minecraft
So Liz, Cynthia, Eddy, and Chloe got teleported but not to the Nether like in their game. They got teleported to a new world in minecraft! They had absolutely nothing, no tools, no wood, no anything! So the group of friends had to start out fresh. The group had to gather some wood. They made their tools and are off to kill some animals, well first they needed sheep
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