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Apparel Merchandising 420: Analysis of a Contemporary Designer

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Laura Ward

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Apparel Merchandising 420: Analysis of a Contemporary Designer

Analysis of a Contemporary Designer:
Zac Posen
Laura Ward & Katie Olsen "My work is about the female body and, ultimately, my clothes are about making women feel and look beautiful."

-Zac Posen

traditional American style lines

youthful while maintaining sophisitcation and elegance


famed for cocktail and party dresses

inspired by work with historic fashion designers' pieces
"My signature designs are anatomical in their inspiration, and architectural in construction. They also incorporate movement and flair to accentuate a woman's personality."

-Zac Posen

Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland'

Paloma Picasso's 1970s style lines

Elsa Schiaparelli

women, in the broadest sense of the word

relatively exclusive to upper-class consumers
"I love women of all ages, sizes and personalities -- I am surrounded by them -- and I keep them in mind when I design."

-Zac Posen

celebrity clientele spanning a wide age range

lasting business and personal relationships

evolved from a small, unknown designer to a big-name with three separate lines

family plays enormous role in management

business and financial struggles in recent years have forced him into maturity, both professionally and personally

celebrity sponsor P. Diddy helped Posen make a gradual move into commercial ventures (over the course of six years)

after nearly a decade in the business, the Posen label finally expects to make a profit this year

high fashion line, Zac Posen

Saks line, Z Poke (exclusive)

Target line, Zac Posen for Target "There's nothing unbeautiful about mass quantities. This is where you can really change fashion. No matter what the trendoids say, power to the people."

-Zac Posen

early shows were more about the production itself than the clothes and were incredibly expensive to produce

recent shows demonstate self-restraint and simplicity ""[My ultimate goal is] wanting to make women feel strong, sexy, romantic and confident by creating the classics of the future."

-Zac Posen Design Aesthetic Target Market Target Market Business Model Vertical Integration Evolution of Fashion Shows

high fashion line, Zac Posen

Saks line, Z Spoke

Target line, Zac Posen for Target Inspiration for Summer 2010 Collection

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