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Intro to Twitter


Lisa Pierce

on 30 March 2010

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Transcript of Intro to Twitter

Twitter is texting in 140 characters
Twitter is micro blogging
Twitter Terms
Tweeting = sending tweets
RT = Retweet
FF = Follow Friday
Tweeple = people you meet on twitter
Peeps = followers
DM = Direct Message
DM Fail = A private message that was sent public (oops!)
Tweetup = Meeting IRL (In Real Life)
#hashtags = Content I.D.
Twitter can help you get connected & stay connected
Twitter is communication
Twitter is information NOW
Twitter is engaging with others
Twitter is Access
Twitter helps get word out QUICKLY!
In the beginning, Twitter is like a box of Tinker Toys with only ONE stick
Twitter is sand in the jar
Twitter is a lake
A tweet is a skipping stone
Communication on Twitter is exponential
You can have more than one
Twitter account.
Twitter is the platform
on which you build...
However, building takes time
Twitter is building relationships
Twitter is where you build groups & lists
Twitter is where you build a communication network
What do I SAY?
Start by not saying ANYTHING
Start by listening (reading)
& following others
You get to add (follow) as many people as you want
You choose WHO & WHAT you want to follow
You pick what to build
on your Twitter platform
Local Tweeple
Follow Interests & Hobbies
Local Media
NY Times
LA Times
Interests & Hobbies
Real Estate
Animal Welfare
What Twitter is NOT!
Twitter is NOT for ambushing others!
Twitter is NOT where you SELL!
Don't Pollute Your Twitter Stream by:
tweeting listings
tweet bombing
tweeting every blog post
tweeting to facebook
OK...so what should I say?
Make Observations
Ask Questions
Answer Questions
RT to Share Information & Observations
Twitter Management Tools
How It All Comes Together
Building Relationships/Adding to Your Sphere
Serendipitous Encounters
Cheryl Andonian says:
September 19, 2009 at 7:23 am

It’s not just about creating a clever gimmick to gain a zillion Twitter or Facebook followers. It’s a process of building meaningful connections, conversations and long term benefits both for the company and for the customer. I think by the nature of social media, that the medium itself is so fast and instantaneous, some companies think that’s how their social media campaigns should be built.
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