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No description

Lauren Jones

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon

Against Napoleon
Lauren Jones
Courtney Kunstman "Women have two weapons-
cosmetics and tears"
Propaganda techniques;
1) It is prescriptive telling you what Napoleon
honestly thinks about women.
2)This quotes describes behavior.
3)No it does not tell us about beliefs/ actions, it
tells about "ordinary" people. It is from Napoleon's
4)The questions you can ask about this source are: What
Napoleon thinks about women?, How he feels about them?
5)If he was married or not? By seeing this quoute you would think
he was never married but he actually had many wives.
6)This source most deffinitly would challenge the argument because
everyone has their own opinion and would not think about women
the way that Napoleon does. Propaganda techniques;
-plain folks
1)This would be prescriptive.
3)It tells you abou beliefs/ctions.
4)Historical questions you could answer with
this source is: Does Napoleon think women are secretive
by reading this quote? What do you think?
6)In our opinion we think that this source would be a
challenging argument.
Propaganda techniques;
1)This is descriptive telling you what he
he thinks about mothers.
2)This describes Behavior.
3)Yes this quote does tell you about
6)In our opinion this source would support the
argument beause theres not much you can argue about

Propaganda techniques;
-lesser of two evils.
1)This quote by Napoleon is prescriptive.
2)This describes behavior
3)This tells you about beliefs/actions
4)Questions you can answer from this source are
what he thinks of women and what his beliefs of women are.
6)We think this source woulld challenge the argument. "Female virtue has been held in
suspicion from the beginning of
the world, and ever will be" "Fortune is like women-if you miss her
to-day, think not to find her to-morrow" "In choosing a wife, a man does not renounce his mother, and still less is he
justified in breaking her heart" Napoleon
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