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Racial Endogamy

No description

Loretta Brown

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Racial Endogamy

Racial Endogamy
A rule stating that one must marry within their own racial group . (Nanda&warms,2014)

A group of people sharing similar physical traits (Nanda&Warms2014).
The rule stating that one must marry within his or her own group (Nanda & Warms, 2014).
Purpose of Racial Endogamy
Racial Endogamy ensures that genetic immunities to certain diseases can be maintained (Stentiford, 2014).
Racial Endogamy
Preserving Cultural Practices

Maintaining Biological traits (Stentiford, 2014).

Preserving Biological traits
Biological factors are key genetic information such as skin hair and eye color (O'Neil2009).
Other Biological Factors
Preserving Cultural Identity
Racial endogamy ensures that cultural practices are not lost (O'Neil, 2009).
American Experience

Nanda & R.L. Warms (201). Cultural Anthropology (11th ed.) Belmont, CaP: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.
O'Neil D (2009). Marrieage Rules Part I. In sex and Marriagep; An Introduction to the Cultural Rule Regulating Sexual Access and Marriage. Retrieved October 16, 2014 from anthro.palomar.edu/marriage-3html.
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