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In Convo with Christoph

SHEN meets up with Christoph Zrenner of Wildfire Pte Ltd

joel fong

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of In Convo with Christoph

In Convo with

of Wildfire Christoph Zrenner first of 2010 we met Christoph for brunch at the very cosy fontina restaurant
owned by his friend Jeff Christoph's Journey uni years singapore wildfire > Studied neurosurgery in Germany > Discovered an interest in computer programming > Coped well in school, with lots of spare time > Wrote programs for data-mining and analysis > Felt that best way to realize the true value of a creation, was to sell it. > Together with a friend, set up the company, Ostrakon, and based it in China. > Secured clients such as Oxford university, and made decent money from it, all while studying. > Medical apprenticeship in Singapore > Realized his heart belonged to the business world > Enrolled in INSEAD Singapore's MBA Program > Met future biz partner - Ben > Both had an interest in exploring China's biz atmosphere -
Ben had a biz model which hadn't been tested in China,
Christoph had the tech & manpower capabilities with Ostrakon in China. > So, in 2009, they established Wildfire Pte Ltd, which brought Word of Mouth marketing into the Chinese market. > Within a year,Wildfire grew from strength to strength > They secured clients such as Kraft Foods > And employed 11 people (including one SHENtrepreneur) In Convo
Take Away Points Next, Christoph shared 3 points about entrepreneurship... He started by sharing about his route to becoming an entrepreneur... What do we want? What are the emotions of an entrepreneur? Why The Psychological Evolution of Sentient Needs
We are intelligent beings and need... - to find how we can add value to the human race - find something we're good in - space to discover purpose and competence 2.Competence 3.autonomy 1.purpose Extreme Happiness!!!!! signing the first deal receiving good feedback from clients getting the first paycheck seeing people enjoy the product sadness Loneli ness uncertainty life gets work-centric far from loved ones no time for yourself family may not be supportive when will the next deal come thru are the employees being paid enough? are the employees learning enough? ? ? ? ? ? ? , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , are the clients happy? missed opportunities unhappy clients lack of sleep Look at all huge businesses..... they all had humble beginnings.... if you set up a biz today, there is a small percentage you could be the next Steve Jobs in 30 years.
If you never set up a biz, the percentage of you becoming the next Steve Jobs is 0% be an entrepreneur? If you want to make a difference to humanity, by value adding If working for someone else doesn't make you happy If the element of risk gives you excitement. When You are able to cope with the worst, possible case scenario - you're never ready enough & any new biz is almost certain to fail. Do it if you won't harm any one else, and you are able to cope with the consequences. When you have found the right opportunity - they are rumoured to be abundant and easily found. TRUTH IS, although many roads seem like opportunities, most of them only look like it. Only a few doors can be opened. And only a few people behind these openable doors want to open it for you. So when you get an opportunity. Do not let it go.
Photos Christoph's
speech Jeff
sharing SHEN
attentively Yuan Zhang
presenting token confidently A SHEN
Group Photo Val C posing with a Spark Kit from Wildfire. She'd be a great Spark. *Sparks are Wildfire's consumer promoters Ailin, Janice and Val acting cute with an item from a Kraft Spark Kit *Spark Kits are experience packets Wildfire gives to Sparks. They come with product samples and educational information.
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