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Nathaniel Lei

on 23 May 2014

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Be out going and don't be afraid to socialize with people
Don't worry and go with the flow of things
Don't be afraid to ask questions
Stay on top of your game
Have fun! :-)
How to join after school activites
Go to teachers, counseling, students, etc to ask about after school activities.
Make sure you do something outside of school that you enjoy
Although school is a huge investment in your life, it is important you do activities outside of it. This provides something for you to do to get your mind off of besides academics. This can also relate to a stress reliever and just having something fun to do.
It is essential that you have friends during your career in Middle School. Friends can represent an outlet to stress and just someone to talk to when nobody is there. This can greatly help you make the best of your Junior High career!
Welcome to West 5th graders! :)
Thank you!
The First Day
Social Life
Extracurricular Activities
School Activites
Social Media
Social Media is a great way to stay connected to your friends through online. Since present day society revolves around new technology social media is a great way to stay informed. However, just be cautious when online to remain safe.
Don't be afraid to make friends!
Middle school is all about meeting new people and making new friends. Think of it how everyone is in the same position as you. Meaning it is everyone's first day of school and it can be overwhelming at times
Don't be afraid to ask teachers for help
At times you're going to have trouble with something that is academically related and you may not want to ask your teacher for whatever reason. That is a huge mistake. You're teachers are meant to be there for you and are willing to help you in any way to improve your grade.
Make sure to keep a consistent grade
In middle school there will be more rigorous school work and it is important that you keep a fluent grade average
Don't let distractions interfere with your grades
When attending Junior High, it is important that your grades are your main priority over less important issues. Other things like social life, family, friends, etc are extremely important, but grades need to be kept fluent.
Join after school activities
After school activities are a great way to stay connected with your peers at school. It gives you a chance to explore what your interested in and provides a stress reliever.
Hope your 6th grade year goes great!
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