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NYS Geography

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brooke nowakowski

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of NYS Geography

New York State
Geography NYS Geography Math Speaking Writing Art Science Expectations The students are all expected to participate and complete the activities of the learning center. I will divide the students into groups and assign each group to a different activity. Some activities will require the students to work both independently and cooperatively. For the inclusive students I will require that they only complete four out of the five activitiies. Out of the those four activities two of them must be Reading and Speaking. There is a "tracking form" in which all students are responsible to complete after every activity to ensure that all are complete and when. The students will be expected to work on unfinished work during free time such as snack or early completion of daily work.
Name Reading Speaking Math
Science Art Lauren
4/14/10 4/20/10 Mike 4/15/10 4/13/10 Danny
4/14/10 4/13/10 Example "tracking form" Math Let it snow! Learning objective: The students will be able to graph and compare the amount of snowfall on Long Island to the snowfall in Upstate New York. In this activity the students will be asked to research the amount of snowfall recorded on Long Island and the amount of snowfall recorded in Upstate New York, during the year of 2009. The students will be able to find this information on the internet with two websites that I have provided for them. The students can pick a total of any three towns on Long Island and three towns in Upstate New York to use to compare. Inclusion students will be asked to pick any two towns from each location to compare. After the information is accurately recorded they will then have to translate their information into a bar graph and label the necessary components. This will then help the students to visually see the difference in amounts of snowfall from these two areas, and will be asked to write a brief conclusion about their findings. http://www.newsday.com/long-island/long-island-snow-totals-1.1661175 Websites: http://goldensnowball.com/ Writing Learning Objective: Life in the Big Apple The students will be able to identify the different living environment in New York City compared to Long Island. In this activity the students will have a the chance see what it would be like to live in the Big Apple. They will read the given book for this activity and note the different lifestyle changes they see. They will make a journal entry as if they were living in New York City for the first time and discuss some of the changes that they will need to get use to. For example, how would traveling be different? What are some different sounds they may hear? Do they like living in the city better than Long Island? Why or why not? Use supporting detail. They will then have to list at least one place that they have "visited" or would like to visit and give some supporting detail about that specific place. (Central Park, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Museums etc.) This entry should be at least one page in length and for inclusive students at least 1/2 a page. Book: New York, New York!: The Big Apple from A to Z Art Welcome to New York Learning Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of NewYork State by making an educational brochure of the states symbols. Maple Leaf Bluebird In this activity the students will explore the I love New York website
and learn about the various New York State symbols that represent our state.
The students can work with partners to make a fun and educational brochure about
four different symbols that represent New York. They are to include an image as well
a sentence or two about that image. For inclusion students they are to include at least
three symbols and and least two drawings for their brochure. This is
meant to be a fun activity so students will be encouraged to make their
brochure colorful and unique. When all students have completed this
activity the brochures will be hung for display. Website: **http://www.iloveny.com/kids/nys_symbols.asp Speaking Learning Objective: Website: http://www.facts-about.org.uk/history-us-state-new-york.htm The students will display their knowledge of New York historians by a verbal presentation with their group. 1902 A Blast from the past In this activity the students will be work independently on the computer and research a historian in New York State. Each student will be assigned a different historian and will need to give a brief history background and at least one interesting or unique fact about this person. When the students have then completed their research they will then be asked to give a brief speech to the members of their group about their historian. If the students are having problems with speaking amongst all their peers I will partner them up and have them just speak in front of one peer. This will be a great way to have the students socially interacting as well learning about new information from their peers. Science Rock you like a Hurricane Video Link:
Learning Objective: **http://www.scholastic.com/kids/weather/ Weather Maker: The students will focus on the weather conditions and facts of hurricanes from New York History. In this science activity the students will watch a brief educational video on the formation and components that make up a hurricane. Hurricanes are no stranger to Long Island and this activity will better educate the students on these extreme weather conditions that we experience. They will then be given packet of questions after viewing the video. Students are able to work with a partner during this activity and will be able to view the video as many times possible to answer the given questions. Some examples of the questions being asked are: What is a hurricane? List at least 3 components of a hurricane. What are some safety tips? etc. Inclusion students will be given a seperate packet with half the amount of questions.
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