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korean war

No description

kyle bates

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of korean war

Korean War
June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953 How was it started? War started due to rivalry between U.S. and U.S.S.R. North Korea invaded South Korea
and the UN forces responded immediately
sending troops to help South Korea. Reasons U.S. got
involved... China turned communist in 1949, and
Truman feared that Japan would be
next... When North Korea
invaded South Korea
U.S. feared that South Korea would soon become communist and they wanted to prevent that from happening. Korean War leaders Kim Sung was the leader of North
Korea during the war. Syngman Rhee was the leader of South Korea. U.S. leaders were Truman and Eisenhower. The leader of the U.N. forces was General Douglas MacArthur and later on Matthew B. Ridgeway. The leader of China was Zhou Enlai. Sides of the war. North Korea South Korea Soviet Union, China, and Medical support from Czechoslovakia England, U.S. Australia,
Belgium, Canada, France,
Greece, and several other
countries. They also had
support from the United
Nations. Losses... :( There was over 3 million deaths
in the Korean War. There was no real
victory. The war just stopped the
spread of communism to South Korea, but
North Korea remained communist. Of all the
deaths over 2.5 million were civilian casualties.
and around one million soldiers killed. There were 54,000
U.S. soldiers dead
and about 103,000
wounded. Out of the
7,140 prisoners of war
only 4,418 returned.
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