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Revised Overview Training


Amanda Gordon

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Revised Overview Training

B3 Overview Training What's this about? What about training? Key Concepts
•Training Overview

•Expectations, and summary of functionality

•B3 Key Concepts

•13 training sessions scheduled

•Every aspect of B3 functionality for your job

•Trained by: Andrew, Michelle & Amanda

•‘Mop up’ repeat training just after go-live

B3 heirarchy What should we expect? Key changes:

•Print Instructions, Workflow, Allocating PIs to Impressions.

•Co-edition printing

•Provisional Costings

•Packing and Shipping workflows - lines of responsibility

•Opportunities to improve processes for packs/slipcases

& Book Proof Orders

On the other hand:

•Everyone else can see your data! (and report on it)

•Print Instruction allocation is an extra feature that isn’t in Cromarty

•Cost and schedule templates may take some getting used to
makes much more sense across the company as information is now transparent to all areas of the business Purchase order can be issued very quickly for reprints and so this does save us time I like how B3 has made some processes quicker and easier Scale costs in particular are a very good thing - as is "copy impression" functionality.
Soundbites Biblio 3 Overview Interactive Schedule Progress
report is really useful What should we expect?
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