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Was Lincoln a Racist?

No description

Allison Lorenz

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Was Lincoln a Racist?

Was Lincoln a Racist?
Was Abraham Lincoln A Racist?
You will have to decide on a yes or no answer, no fence sitting!
We will use 5 primary sources and 4 secondary sources to help craft answers and justifications.
*Three of the primary sources will be small selections of text from the 1858 debates between Lincoln and Douglas. The other two will be your choice from any Lincoln primary source (speech, letter, executive order).
*The secondary sources will include two videos, an article, and one of your choice.

We will annotate this article together.
This educreations lesson will further introduce
the writing assignment and help get you started.
We'll watch this video to hear Eric Foner's
view on some of the topics you just wrote about with your partner. Does he agree with you?
Here, Dr. Matthew Pinsker discusses some of the same questions you and your partner answered earlier.
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