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Lester B Pearson

No description

Tariq Adam

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Lester B Pearson

Lester B Pearson Lester Bowles Pearson Also known as Lester B pearson
was born in Newtonbrooke, Ontario on April 23 1897.
He died in 1972 in Ottawa, Ontario. He was 75 years old.
Lester B pearson was a professor he taught history at U of T , also coahed football.
civil servant, statesman, diplomat, and last
he was politician. He was the 14th prime
minster of Canada from April 22 1963- April
20th 1968 Pearson managed to bring in many of Canada's major social programs, including universal health care, the Canada Pension Plan and Canada Student Loans, and established a new national flag, the Maple Leaf. As a U of T student, he was a notable athlete, playing rugby as well as basketball. As an adult he played golf and tennis. During WWI, he volunteered for service as a medical orderly withe the U of T Hospital Unit. In 1915, he undertook overseas service with the Canadian Army Medical Corps as a stretcher bearer with the rank of Lieutenant. The pearson international airport
was named after Lester. Lester b Pearson Catholic school in brampton, ON.
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