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Isle Royale

The land and its ecosystem have always amazed scientists... That's why a 6th grader is attempting to make in simple, into a Prezi.

Bert McCracken

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Isle Royale

When hhhdafhabbasfbh Wrifds nnnnn 1. When did the bedrock on Isle Royale form? 1,000,000 years ago... 2. When did the glaciers retreat?... 8,000 years ago... 3. When did the Native Americans mine copper on Isle Royale? Three thousand years ago... 4. When did Isle Royale become a national park? 1931 5. Where is Isle Royale located? North West Lake Superior... Surrounded by 15 miles... Of water. 6. How long and wide is it? 50 miles long... 8 miles wide. The beauty of Isle
Royale 1. When did moose arrive on Isle Royale? 1900 2. How did they get there? They swam. 3. How much do moose eat a day? 40 pounds a day 4. What is their maximum
Life span? About 17 years 5. What is their average
lifespan? Less then 9 years 6. What percentage of energy do bull moose use
growing antlers? Twenty five percent 7. out of ten cows, how many are pregnant
during the winter? eight 8. how many cows will have surviving calves by spring? One or two. 9. What percent body weight do moose perparing for the winter put on? 25% 10. How many ticks might a moose have on their body in the winter?
80,000 11. What climate condition has increased tick population? Global warming. Moose 1. Wolves weigh how much at birth? About as much as a can of soda. 2. What do pups eat? Mothers milk, regurgitated food. 3. How old are pups when they leave the pack? Approx. 12 months old. 4. Who is in charge of the pack? Alpha wolf, alpha pair 5. How many miles a day/year do wolves walk? 30 miles a day, 4,000 a year 6. How do wolves mark their territory? They urinate or deficate 7. Wolves will attack only __ out of ten moose they chase Eight 8. Wolves will kill only ___ or ___ of every ten moose they chase 8 or 9 9. Wolves will attack which parts of a moose?
Rump or nose 10. How many olfactory receptors does a wolf have? 280 million 11. Of the wolves that survive the first nine monthes, most are
dead by ___ or __ years of age
3 or 4 13. The two causes of wolf death are primarily __ and __. lack of food, or killed by other wolves 14. What bones show deformities in wolves? Vertabrea 15. What causes the deformities? Inbreeding Wolves Isle Royale 1. How many pounds a day can a flock of raven eat? 37 kg 2. Does a large or small wold pack have advantage over scanvengers? Large
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