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Facebook for the Have Nots

No description

Hans Wellenbrock

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Facebook for the Have Nots

Social networks bridging the chasm fac adfaf asdfd Virtual Community Chasm Digital Divide The digital divide is the gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology and those with very limited or no access at all. It includes the imbalances in physical access to technology as well as the imbalances in resources and skills needed to effectively participate as a digital citizen F IT Connection
Silva argues that the ability of mobile interfaces to allow users to connect to the Internet while walking urban spaces blurs the boundaries between the physical and the digital, and that the shift from static to mobile interfaces brings social networks into physical spaces. “The value of the Internet can be directly correlated to the value of its content.” “It’s paramount for people coming to the Internet for the first time to have opportunities to join communities and forge new communities of their own. Public spaces must be preserved online so that people can gather without feeling like direct marketing or more popular and powerful voices are crowding them out. If people can’t build meaningful relationships online, how can they be expected to gravitate to it?” So What? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH what to take home?
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