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SWOT Analysis of Barnes and Noble

No description

Cade Copeland

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis of Barnes and Noble

Weaknesses Cont.
1. Spend less money in the digital area such as promotions, or web.
2. Focus on the stores making more money instead of focusing on all of the stores.
3. Promote e-readers at an affordable price.
Largest chain of Bookstores in the U.S.
Strong Web presence
Affordable prices

Through these strengths, Barnes and Noble is a strong business.

Through these strengths, Barnes and Noble have a Strong presence in the U.S.
Continued investments into the digital business drains cash.
Large costs are associated with physical store locations.
Digital reading is on the rise.
Partnership to Microsoft
Dwindling number of chains and independent booksellers
Promotion of retail location
Through these opportunities, Barnes and Noble can bring in more customers and become better well-known in the U.S.
Natural disasters, such as; Fires, Earthquakes, etc.
Potential opposing bookstores
Counteracting the Threats
Have insurance for any natural disasters.
Have a detailed inventory in case for burglaries.
Monitor opposing bookstores prices and adapt for competitive prices.
SWOT Analysis of
Barnes and Noble

The Four P's of Barnes and Noble
Pricing- The Pricing of Barnes and Noble are competitive, low and affordable, while still making a profit.
Promotion- Barnes and Noble create promotions through their strong web presence.
Placement- Barnes and Noble own nearly 700 stores in 50 states. Showing up in the bigger cities.
Products- The products consist of old to brand-new books and digital e-readers.
Barnes and Noble Brief Overview
Barnes and Noble are a large chain of selling books and digital e-readers.
Their Mission statement is to become the very best bookstore in the U.S. Be loyal to the customers as the customers are loyal to them, to always line the shelves with brand-new volumes to old
Barnes and Noble headquarters are located in New York City, New York
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