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Iran Hostage Crisis

No description

Kate Nicholl

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Iran Hostage Crisis

Iran Hostage Crisis
Oil Reserves
-Pre-1951, US and Britain controlled Iran's Oil
-1951, Muhammad Mossadegh wanted to nationalize the countries oil supply
-US and Britain removed him and installed new Shah
-Pahlavi created a secret police
-July 1979, he was forced to disband his gov. and flee to Egypt
Cancer treatment of Pahlavi

Where did the tension come from?
November 4, 1979
Iranian students entered US embassy and took 66 hostages
- entered by breaking down gates and scaling walls
-13 released before summer 1980
African Americans, women, & other Non- Americans

Life for the Hostages
mock executions
solitary confinement
pictures taken for tv shows
blindfolded when transported
cooking & cleaning (female)
1 shower / week
guarded by armed guards
Operation Eagle Claw
April 1980, Pres. Carter wanted to send an elite rescue force to rescue the hostages
-desert sandstorm caused several helicopters to malfunction
1 hit a large transport plane killing 8 servicemen
operation was then aborted
October Surprise
October 15-20, 1980,a series of meetings located in Paris
-Reagan-Bush campaign members and high Iranian and Israeli officials met in Paris
-hostages would not be released until Reagan was sworn in
-$40 million in military equipment would be transfered to Iran through Israel
January 21, 1981 remaining hostages released (444 days)
- 5 min. after RR is sworn in
Carter's second term (lack of)
Iran and US still have tensed relations
Americans lost all trust in Iranians
Iranians view of Americans at an all time low
Iran gained military equipment (from the US)
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