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Gilmarie Patterson

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Gilmarie Patterson

Gilmarie Patterson
Alden Cochran

Showing Patriotism
Tibor's journey started when he was liberated after 14 months of being held in Mauthhausen concentration camp near Austria. He realized after he had been treated with many other survivors by the U.S. Army that he wanted to give back the kindness by fighting for the United States. Even though he wasn't an american citizen, he still wanted to give something back in return In the same camp, his mother, father and two of his sisters perished in a gas chamber earlier in those painful 14 months. Even though those concentration camps were awful, Tibor stayed positive.
Showing Courage
After surviving the Holocaust, on July 23rd, 1950 Tibor was sent to North Korea to fight for the United States. His Sargent was Anti-Semite which also means anti-jewish.
Showing Honor
Tibor Rubin one handedly defended the hill that his sargent told him to go to which he knew could get Tibor killed . Tibor stayed there for 24 hours he incapasitated or killed a big number of North Korean troops which slowed the remaining force to a stand still.
About Tibor
Former Corporal Tibor Rubin showed his courage and bravery while fighting in North Korea. Tibor Rubin was born June 18th, 1929 in Paszto, Hungary. Paszto was a very small Hungarian town with a jewish population of 120 families. When Tibor was 13 years old he was transported to Mauthhausen concentration camp near Austria. He was later rescued by U.S. Army troops.

Showing Citizenship
After Tibor was rescued by U.S. Army troops, he traveled to New York where he worked as a shoemaker and a butcher. In 1949, he tried to sign up for the Army so he could get a quick citizenship, but failed the english test due to not knowing the language. Tibor later took the test in 1950 and passed thanks to 2 other very kind test takers.
Showing Bravery
Corporal Rubin defended a hill against an attack by scores of North Korean soldiers allowing his 8th Cavalry to safely retreat. Luckily, Tibor was not killed. Tibor showed bravery and sacrifice by staying behind even though he knew he might not have returned back to his fellow soldiers.
Tibor Rubin
-Medal Of Honor website
Our Thoughts
After seeing all the people that have received the Medal Of Honor, we think Tibor is one of the most amazing people. For 24 hours he defended a hill killing numerous Korean soldiers. His fellow soldiers new that it wasn't fair when their Sargent purposely would send Tibor on missions by himself because he was Jewish,that could have possibly gotten him killed, so they secretly gave him hand grenades and machine guns to protect himself. This shows that his other friends really cared about him. Tibor showed so much courage and honor. Wanting to serve the country that saved him is amazing. Neither Gilmarie or I said we could have ever done what he did. We are happy to hear his story and we are proud to have Americans like him.
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