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Evaluation - Question Six

This is the sixth question for my evaluation.

Amrita Bhogal

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation - Question Six

Evaluation Question Six- What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? The Apple Macs are the main pieces of technology that we used, we were able to go onto the Internet, use the software, and without it, would not have been able to create an opening sequence. I learnt a lot from the Apple Macs, I was new to the computer, and its features so I think that it has been a huge learning curve for me. Using the Macs enabled us to many different types of software, which would make certain things easier for us, and more proffesional. This gave me a great insight on how real films were produced,and how all different types of software work well together. The first type of software we had to learn how to use was IMovie. This is where most of the editing took place, where vidos were imported, exported, rendered, and music was added. From IMovie I learnt that there are lots of different steps that one needs to take in order to accomplish one thing. An example would be editing a movie. First you have to import the movie, then you are provided with a preview, once you have edited then you can render if you choose to upload it elsewhere. This is an example of what IMoive looks like, it is not the video that we used, however the same steps were taken to finish editing our film. This is one of the first cuts of our film, where you can see a range of edits that were created using IMovie This is a screen shot of me using GarageBand. I am familiar with GarageBand as I have used it previously. I learnt that GarageBand closely ties in with ITunes, which in important when trying to add music to IMovies. I created this soundtrack using GarageBand, this was then used for the first 25 seconds of the opening sequence. To produce this I also used a software called LiveType. LiveType is a software used to create credits on films, and we used this for our opening sequence. We also had a practice run, getting to grips with the software. This is what myself and my teammate Payam produced. We were given the background and had to produce the titles and their edits. Livetype taught me the use of tracks, and how they can be used to change timings, and also how things appear. This helped a great deal when producing the final piece. This video shows how we have put what we know about LiveType into practice. When watching the opening sequence, one is able to see the shots of the senator. These pictures were edited using Photoshop.I also used this software to produce our production logo. When I wanted to import a soundtrack into IMovies I had to add it to the ITunes library. This software became very useful, I was able to create my own playlist where I could see what I needed to change or edit throughout the soundtrack. FinalCut was used to finalise the opening sequence and then it was uploaded to Youtube. This opening sequence would not have been created, if we did not have the main piece of technology, a camera. Therefore I feel that this is one of the most important pieces of technology I used. Research, ideas, planning, feedback would not have been possible without the internet, were I could use... YouTube
And my Blogger In conclusion I feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge from using the different pieces of technology. Not only have I learnt the way to use the technology but also the art of patience when things dont pan out how you want them to.
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