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A.J. Martinez

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of skeletor!!!

Skeletal system current study chiropractor
align vetabrae to heal patient
est. salary 85,000 per yr.
credentials: 4 years of study in field Primary Function how to maintain good health interesting facts babies have over 300 bones as you age they fuse together diseases and disorders what is it? osteoporosis women are more prone
due to smaller bone structure causes bones to be brittle by loss of calcium in bones
arthritis inflamation of joints
that affects elderly people mostly. there are two types: Rheumatoid when the joint swells Osteo caused by wearing away of cartilage It is the structure that gives our body it's shape. That is made up of a network of living bones, tendons, ligaments. bones are made up of:
living cells
protein fibers
calcium salts good nutrition
including calcium along
with vitamin D
weight bearing exercise stores mineral reserve, provides a site for blood cell formation, helps in movement, and protects organs Joints Joints are the location of where
two bones meet.
Joints permit movement. provides structural support for the body

3 kinds of joints immovable joints slightly movable joints freely movable joints

joints that can't move
ex: skull plates joints that can freely move in one or more direction 4 kinds of freely movable joints:

Ball and Socket Joint
Hinge Joint
Pivot Joint
Saddle Joint joints that slightly move
EX: vertibrae Careers scientists have studied and concluded that walnuts are a
food that is excellent for helping mantain your bones in a
healthy state, due to the walnut being rich in omega-3

The"funny bone" isn't really a
bone, its a nerve. BONES
a solid net of living cells and protein fibers that are surrounded by deposits of calcium salts
periosteum: tough layer of connective tissue around the bone

compact bone: dense inside of the bone

Haversian canals: tubes that carry veins and arteries into and out the bone found in the compact bone

Spongy bone: tough inside of a bone: very sturdy, supports without adding weight

Bone Marrow: the soft tissue in the core of bones: two types: red and yellow. Yellow marrow is primarily made up of fat cells. Red marrow produces red blood cells, some white blood cells and bone fragments called platelets.
Bone Cells
three kinds

Osteocytes: basic cell that makes up bone

Osteoblast: a bone cell that is reponsible for bone formation

Osteoclast: the bone cell that destroys a osteocyte by mineralizing it into the bone matrix

Bone is made from cartilage after the process of ossification Parts of bone
Stucture of a Joint Ligament Synovial
Membrane Synovial Fluid Joint Capeole Bursa Muscle Tendon Cartilage Homeostasis Changes
Bone is living tissue, so
calcium moves between bones
and the rest of the body to mantain
homeostasis of this important mineral Interactions with other Systems

the skeletal system and the muscular system work together to provide movement End of Notes
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