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Schooled by Paul Langan

No description

Bralon Marshall

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Schooled by Paul Langan

Rising Action
Jamar tries to convince Lionel to quit school like him. Lionel strongly considers this but realizes it's probably a bad decision. He has a caring family who wants to see him succeed, even if it's not in basketball.
Schooled by Paul Langan
Bralon Marshall
Lionel Shepard- the main character
Dontrell Neeves- Lionel's friend
Lionels's Mom & Dad
Jamar Coles- Lionel's dropout friend
Kendra- Lionel's little sister
Mrs. Walker- Lionel's neighbor
Lionel is a freshman at Bluford High School and his only dream is to play professional basketball in the NBA. The only problem is that everyone is doubting him and his father believes basketball is a waste time and his mother is deployed at an army base. He's having a hard time in school and his teachers are threatening to fail him. On top of that his dropout friend, Jamar, is trying to convince him to quit school.
Bluford High School
Lionel's neighborhood
Lionel finds out that he has to have at least a "C" average to play on the basketball team. After hearing this bad news, Lionel gets upset and decides to go to Jamar's house and to drop out of school permanently.
Everything is ok with Lionel. His father tells him that he has been studying for his GED and has been getting help. This encourages Lionel to go back to school and keep trying and do better so he can play basketball and get his education. Lionel's mother returns from base and they live a happy family life
2nd period
Characters & Setting
Inciting Incident
Lionel's teacher is worried about him and gives him a letter to give to his father concerning his education and his actions in class.
Falling Action
At Jamar's house, Lionel realizes that this is a bad idea and decides to go back home. On his way home, Lionel is jumped by a couple of gang members and has to be rushed to the hospital with a few broken bones.
The theme of this book is overcoming challenges and obstacles in high school and aslo in basketball, on and off the court.
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